Except for sync storage between local and online cloud, nowadays, we also need to sync data among cloud storages, like sync from Google Drive to MEGA drive.

Sync Cloud Storage – Best and Free

As for files sync between cloud drives and local devices, there are official applications provided by cloud brand, such as Google Drive Backup and Sync offering by Google company. Yet, for data synchronization from cloud to cloud, there haven’t been any official software released to do this for it usually revolves in two kinds of different cloud brands.

Fortunately, there are third party programs which are designed for cloud to cloud files syncing. The best and free one is deserved by MultCloud, which can sync all cloud storages in one place.

How to Sync Cloud Storage?

Then, let’s see how to sync between cloud storages step by step.

Step 1. Access MultCloud

MultCloud is a web-based online program, so, to make use of it, we should first of all create an account of it from its official website given above.

Step 2. Add Cloud Drives

In order to be able to sync data among clouds, we have to add them all to MultCloud platform. After successfully signed up to MultCloud, sign in to its platform. Then, move to “Add Clouds” tab and select the cloud brand we want to add. Next, sign into the cloud account and give authority to MultCloud of accessing of cloud storage.

Here, we take add Google Drive for example.

Add Google Drive

Note: Only one cloud account is allowed to add into MultCloud in one time. To add more accounts, we should carry out this step for several times.

Step 3. Sync Cloud Storage

When all preparation work are done, we can start over the key process of syncing cloud storage with MultCloud.

Go to “Cloud Sync” tab and specify source and destination cloud directory. Finally, click “Sync Now”. Here, take sync from GDrive to Mega as an example.

Sync Cloud Storage

Last step: To achieve direct sync of multiple cloud storage services, we are only one step left. Just sign up to MultCloud to get this easy and fast function!

Sync Cloud Storage Review

The above is just a common process of cloud sync. In default, it is a one way sync task. Yet, we can make is a two way sync by clicking on the down-arrow and choose.

Two Way Sync

Furthermore, if we want the synchronization carry out automatically in the future, we can tick the “Schedule” option on lower left and set in the pop-up window.

Sync Cloud Storage Schedule
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