The remote URL upload site means you are able to upload the URL’s destination file to the cloud service via the site directly. With the help of such site, users don’t need to get the file by downloading from URL as the first step, and then upload the file to cloud drive as the second step. The site has two main functions, one is converting the URL to the end file, another is uploading the file to the cloud storage service.

Why need remote URL upload site? From above description, I think readers have known its advantages. Yes, with it, saves time and space, and other energies. Remote URL upload site really exists? Yes, in this article, we recommend MultCloud! MultCloud is an app based on website. The multiple cloud manager tool is a site in essence.

How to use MultCloud to upload a URL from remote? Here, we take Google Drive as example, our target is uploading a URL/file to Google Drive through MultCloud. If you already have a MultCloud’s account, sign in it. If you are first time to hear about MultCloud, you can try its Experience without signing up feature to start.

In MultCloud, add Google Drive into it, authorize finished on Google official page finally. Then under Cloud Explorer interface, select Google Drive, you can see all files in it. Right click anywhere, from the context menu, there is a Upload option.

Click it, will pop up a window named Upload to Google Drive, you can drag files to here, thus, local files saved in Google Drive. Notice that at the right bottom of the pop-up window, there are some texts - Upload URL.

Click it, pop up a new window, here, you can copy or input the download URL and type a file name. Click OK, MultCloud will apply the task.

Another way to start Upload URL task is as following picture shows. MultCloud’s task manager center->URL Tasks.

At last, I’d like to say, remote upload URL is only one highlights of MultCloud. MultCloud has other powerful functions, such as cloud files share, etc. Two key features of MultCloud are sync and transfer, with MultCloud, people could move files across different clouds and manage multiple clouds’ files effectively.

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