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Best FREE Private Cloud Migration Solution 2019

The follow content will introduce you the way to carry out cloud to cloud migration relating private cloud. Just scan quickly and you’ll find what you need in the easy and clear steps.

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Dec 24, 2018 | 3 mins read

Author Helen

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Migration of private cloud storage is a very common operation nowadays for cloud drive users. It can be classified into three types: private to private migration, private cloud to public cloud migration as well as public to private migration.

How to Carry out Private Cloud Migration?

No matter which kind of private cloud migrating you are planning to carry out, you should rely on a professional and reliable cloud migration tool to do the task, and MultCloud is recommended for you.

Step 1. Create MultCloud Account

Since MultCloud is an online cloud migration service, to make use of it, first of all, you should sign up to its platform. This is completely free.

Step 2. Add Private Cloud Drive(s)

After successfully created MultCloud account, sign into it. In the main user interface, click on “Add Clouds” tab on the top, and select the cloud brand you want to add. Next, just follow the easy guidance to finish the task.

The following picture take adding “OneDrive” for example.

Add OneDrive
Add OneDrive Cloud

Tips: You can only add one cloud drive account to MultCloud for one time. To add more accounts, just repeat the task.

Step 3. Private Cloud Migration Strategy

It is very easy to carry out private cloud storage migration with the help of MultCloud.

Private to Private Migration

In “Cloud Transfer” tab of MultCloud, input source and destination private cloud drives. Then, click “Transfer Now”. For instance, private OneDrive 1 to private OneDrive 2 migration.

Private to Private Cloud Migration
Private to Private Cloud Migration

Private to Public Cloud Migration

It is similar as above private to private transfer settings. Here, take OneDrive personal to OneDrive for Business migration as example.

Private to Public Cloud Migration
Private to Public Cloud Migration

Public to Private Cloud Migration

Such as, Dropbox for Business to private OneDrive movement.

Public to Private Cloud Migration
Public to Private Cloud Migration

Tips: You can place some advanced settings and make a schedule for any kind of personal cloud migration through “Options” and “Schedule” on the lower left.

Factors to Consider for Private Cloud Migration

Today, private to public cloud environments shift is a trend. Yet, what should you take into consideration before moving to public cloud storages?

  • Firstly, is the internet connection fast and stable for mass migration (like virtual machines, data bases and long movies) from private to public cloud?
  • Secondly, is it safe to save private information on public cloud drives?
  • Thirdly, is it convenient to manage data on public clouds?
  • ......

All in all, you should make a complete assessment before actually take actions.

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