Nowadays, there are many mainstream clouds with different popular functions in the market, like Google Drive, Gusite, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, Onedrive and so on. Even though they have powerful functions attracting user’s attention, all of them have limited space to store files, documents, sheets, etc. Due to the limited storage space of each cloud storage, the file transfer between cloud storages becomes a common phenomenon. If you happen to have Google Drive and Dropbox, you may want to transfer Google Drive to Dropbox . The traditional way to transfer files between clouds is to download the files you need from the source cloud first, and the upload them from the local PC to the target cloud but it would take much time to wait for the process to complete. Here we will introduce a new method to you to transfer files across clouds easily.

New Cloud File Transfer with MultCloud

MultCloud is a free multiple cloud storage manager that provides a convenient  cloud file transfer free  way for you to manage all the cloud storage accounts that you have with one console. With the help of MultCloud, you can quickly transfer individual files from one cloud storage. Additionally, it can be used to set up sync task, which means that as files get added or edited from one cloud, these files can be synced to the target cloud. Currently, MultCloud supports dozens of cloud storages, click here to learn them. Take the Google Drive and Onedrive as an example, the following parts will guide you how to transfer files between them.

  1. Step1.Create a MultCloud account.
    Create Account
  2. Step 2. Add Google Drive and Onedrive accounts.
    Add Clouds
  3. Step3. Create a Cloud Transfer task, select your Google Drive as the source, select Onedrive as the target cloud, click “Transfer Now” and wait for the process to complete.
    Transfer Now


Following the aforementioned steps, you may find the new cloud file transfer with MultCloud can help you move files from one cloud to another cloud with one console quickly and it saves you a lot of your time. In addition to Cloud Transfer and Cloud Sync task, MultCloud also has “Encryption” funtion for your files.

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