Why Do You Need to Transfer Files between Clouds?

Nowadays, the cloud transmission between clouds is very common to us. Many of us would like to save their files, sheets, data, etc to the cloud storage because it is very convenient to get them as long as the location you stay has the Internet. Even though each cloud has different functions attracting our attention, the free space offered by these clouds is limited and when you run out of the free space and you don't want to pay for more space, then what you need to do is to move data from one free cloud storage to another free cloud storage, but how to do it, that’s a question. Read below part and it will introduce a new cloud file transfer tool with MultCloud to help you out of the trouble.

My Cloud Transmission with a Free Tool

MultCloud is a cloud storage manager that provides a convenient cloud file transfer free way for you to transfer files between cloud storage and it can be selected to move individual files from one cloud to another one or to perform bulk data transfer. Additionally, it can be used to create sync tasks, which means that as files get added or edited from one cloud, those additions and edits transfer over to the other. As for how to do it with MultCloud, below steps will guide you step by step.

Take Google Drive and Onedrive as an example, it instructs you how to move files from Google Drive to Onedrive.

Step 1: Create a MultCloud account.

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Step 2: Add Google Drive and Onedrive accounts to MultCloud.

Add Drive
Add Drive

Step 3: Create a Cloud Transfer task, select the folders you need to transfer from Google Drive as the source, select Onedrive as the target, click“Transfer Now” and wait for the process to complete.

Transfer Now
Transfer Now


After following the above steps, your intention my cloud transmission with MultCloud has achieved easily. If you want to migrate large data in one go, MultCloud is your choice. In addition to “Cloud Transfer” , MultCloud also supports “Cloud Sync”.

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