Do you have multiple Google Drive accounts?

Google Drive allows you to access your work anywhere, anytime. You can connect a lot of web applications, so you can get most of your work done without downloading anything to your computer. Many people use Google Drive for business, personal, and other stuff.

If that is your case, you probably wonder if there is a way to better manage multiple Google Drive accounts in Windows 10. Google Drive for desktop app only allows you to sync one account to your PC or Mac. For those who have more than one Google Drive accounts, it is quite inconvenient to switch accounts.

Free tool to add multiple Google Drive accounts

With the help of a free web application MultCloud, you can easily access all your Google Drive accounts together and organize files across different accounts. You can add all the cloud storage services you use into MultCloud and then you can search and preview all of your files in there with the need to sign into several accounts.

If you want to copy files between two Google Drive accounts, you just drag and drop the file to where you want it be, which is like the way you manage files in Windows File Explorer. If you want files in one Google Drive updated to another account, you can create a sync task to sync two Google Drive accounts.

Multiple google drive accounts sync

Sync cloud drives in MultCloud is very easy. If you still hesitate to try it out, it actually provides an option for experience without signing up, which allows you to use all its features with an auto-generated account. To sync two Google Drive accounts:

1. Create an account for MultCloud if you haven’t already. Add your Google Drive to MultCloud by clicking Add Cloud Drives after login.

2. Click on the Cloud Sync tab.

3. In the next page, click to select one Google Drive as source and another as destination location.

4. Click Sync Now to start synchronize. If you need to these two accounts consistently synced, just click Schedule to add a schedule to run this sync task automatically.

When the task is in process, you do not need to keep the windows open for it to complete. You can close it if need be and it will finish the sync as planned. Besides managing multiple Google Drive accounts in Windows 10, MultCloud also allows you save web files to Google Drive directly.

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