Why move files from MEGA to Box?

MEGA and Box are great Cloud storage services. MEGA provides 50GB free space for its users, which makes it a perfect files storing location for numerous PC users. Box, on the other hand, provides only 10GB free storage but puts emphasis on file sharing, especially for business use. Therefore, when you want to switch mode from life to work, you may need to move from MEGA to Box. What’s more, you can securely share crucial files with your friends and families by moving MEGA to Box. To move files from one Cloud to the other, like move files from OneDrive to Box, is a way to combine cloud storage as well. Whichever reason occurs in your mind, you need to learn how to move from MEGA to Box.

move from mega to box
Move from MEGA to Box

How to move files from MEGA to Box?

To move files among different Clouds, you need to first connect these Clouds together. MultCloud works like an intermediate platform that allows you to bring MEGA and Box into one same window. You add MEGA and Box to MultCloud one by one, and then drag and drop files among Clouds just like you do in Windows Explorer or Finder in Mac OS X. Of course, you can try smarter way when you want to skip Drag & Drop. MultCloud provides scheduled file transferring with daily, weekly, and monthly modes. You can opt to exclude certain file types like *mp3,*doc etc that are no need to move in Options. Sign up and have a try now.

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Sign Up

Move MEGA to Box using MultCloud

1. Log into MultCloud, and click Add Cloud Drives to add Box account. Pitch on Box icon and click Next.

add cloud drives
Add Cloud Drives

2. Click on Add Box Account. You may be required to authorize some rights to MultCloud for successful file-transferring. No username and password asked. Click Allow in the next window.

add box account
Add Box Account

3. Now repeat above steps to add MEGA to MultCloud. Then you will have two accounts in one interface. The first method to move files to Box from MEGA is selecting all files and right-click your mouse, and then select Copy to. Find Box Cloud in the pop-up window and click Transfer.

copy to box
Copy to Box

4. The second solution is scheduled file transformation. Click Transfer above, and choose MEGA and Box separately in From and To box.

scheduled transfer
Scheduled Transfer

As you can see, it is pretty easy to move files from MEGA to Box via MultCloud. And more importantly, you got more than one method. MultCloud is like a bond that helps you connect all your Cloud storage services. Many Clouds are supported, so you can easily sync files between different Clouds like sync MEGA and Box in this tutorial. Besides, you can use Google Drive as FTP server with the help of MultCloud. Other than file transferring, MultCloud is also a free alternative to Otixo. Sign up to better experience it.

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