Flickr and Google Drive

Flickr is a very popular way of sharing photos around the world and it provides 1000GB of free photo storage. Many users have uploaded massive photos to Flickr. If you want to transfer those photos to another cloud storage service, normally you have to download the photos one by one and upload to another cloud drive. Fortunately, a free web tool can help you migrate from Flickr to Google Drive or other cloud drives without downloading the photos. You can transfer a single file, a folder or the entire Flickr drive, and these all can be done with one task in MultCloud.

Combine Flickr drive with Google Drive

MultCloud allows you to add multiple cloud drives including Flickr and Google Drive together, so you can easily manage all those files across different cloud drives. You can view, move and share files with MultCloud, so you do not need to log into your account separately when you have multiple cloud drives. Within MultCloud, you can easily add Flickr, Google Drive and other cloud storage services.

How to move Flickr photos to Google Drive

To transfer files across different cloud drives in MultCloud is very convenient. For a one time file or folder transfer, you can just copy and paste (drag and drop). If you want to constantly upload all Flickr photos to Google drive or transfer from Google Drive to Flickr, you can create a scheduled transfer task, and then all the photos in Flicks will be automatically synchronized to Google Drive.

To set up a data transfer task:

1. Go to MultCloud official site and register an account if you have not done it.

2. After you log in, click “Add Cloud Drives” to add your Flickr and Google Drive into MultCloud.

3. Click the “Transfer” button at the top, and in the next page, select a folder or the entire the Flickr drive as the source and Google Drive as the destination.

4. There is a hidden option “Schedule Later” under “Run Now”. Click it to specify when you want the task to run and save the settings.

When the scheduled time comes, MultCloud will migrate from Flickr to Google Drive no matter whether your computer is on or off. You can also enable email notification, and then leave it. Once the task is complete, you will get an email notification. Besides, MultCloud allows you to manage more than one Flickr and Google Drive accounts and other cloud storage service accounts.

*Update: From MultCloud 4.0, you can use MultCloud's Cloud Sync service. There are eight sync methods in all.

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