4 Safety Concerns with Cloud Storage

  • Confidentiality of file and data in cloud storage.
    File and data should be prevented from accessing without authentication, while they are uploaded and downloaded, as well as stored to the cloud. As said in the beginning of this article, the reason why such private thing was leaked is that hack attack. So, What users are concerned of the most is how to secure data from hacking or unsafe access.
  • Safety in file and data transmission.
    If there are virus or Trojan horses attached with file in cloud storage, once one of them is shared, other execute it then, users will suffer a lot. Cloud storage security is usually breached like this.
  • Cloud storage providers really protect our data?
    “Prism”, a monitor plan initiated by American administration, its exposure makes all people surprised, and we have to think further, data and files in cloud storage are really safe? Don’t Cloud storage providers visit your cloud storage? Actually, providers can access your data, but usually there are thousands of hundreds of data in Server, no staff in cloud storage provider have such energy to visit data. Besides, encryption function in cloud storage prevent staffs in Cloud storage provider from peep your privacy.
  • Encryption will protect our cloud data safe?
    Some cases about data leakage is due to poor password security which can give cybercriminals an all-access pass to your private data. To keep your password safe, avoid using the same password over multiple platforms; add letters, numbers and symbols to your password, and do not utilize a password that is in any way related to your personal life. Any hacker worth his salt will know your address, your husband’s name, the type of car you drive and your favorite restaurant.

How to Keep your Data and Files in Cloud Storage Safe?

Way 1. Install security software in termination, and kill virus regularly

Any terminations that can upload or download file to cloud storage are starter. Due to anti-virus software, mobile phone and computer can be checked regularly, and provider a safe starter. If there is no anti-virus software, or connect illegal link, it may cause virus infection, then, pose increasing leakage risk on privacy safe.

Way 2. Choose safe network, and be caution to connect unknown WIFI

Most people tends upload photo or files to cloud storage at home or office, which provides under credible WIFI network. But some people likes to take a selfie when they play outside. Once you upload your photo to cloud storage under unsafe or illegal WIFI, the chance to leak your data and cloud storage security breach will increase.

Way 3. Choose router produced by legitimate manufacturers

While you upload photo and files to cloud storage, network devices will interact with internet,and produce cache file in router. router produced by legitimate manufacturers is able to prevent hackers from stealing privacy, and some unknown brand rounter cloud be low safe.

Way 4. Encrypt files before uploading

The data safe expert Schwartzberg suggests that users could use the third-party software to encrypt data, and then uploaded cloud storage. It means that your files are not only protected by cloud storage encryption, but also protected by yourself.

Is data in cloud storage safe and secure? The answer will be you. As a user, you can do a lot of works to protect your privacy. Certainly, cloud storage providers will also be important role played in the safe process. Combination users and providers will keep data and files in cloud storage safe. It makes sense if you want to categorize your data and insist some of them to hard disk, not cloud storage. AOMEI Backupper will offer your a easy and safe backup software to backup your photo, file, and video, etc.

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