Traditional method of uploading files to Dropbox

Nowadays, many people choose Dropbox as their cloud drive. Dropbox is famous and safe, its price is reasonable. People store data in Dropbox thus they can access to them anywhere on any devices, desktop, laptop, mobile phone, ipad, etc. How to save files to Dropbox? There are many way of uploading. Traditional one to add files to Dropbox is dragging and dropping files into the Dropbox desktop client, or using the Save As... menu option in most app to save files directly to Dropbox. On Dropbox website, click Upload files button, Choose File and Start Upload.

With MultCloud to upload files to Dropbox

Today, we can’t ignore a fact that most users own not only Dropbox but also other cloud services, such Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA and so on. Or one Dropbox for personal, one Dropbox for Business. There are too many accounts to remember and manage. Fortunately, MultCloud helps people combine multiple clouds together. You don’t need to work single cloud program any more. So, uploading files to Dropbox through MultCloud is also possible.

MultCloud is an app based on website, create an free account or Experience without signing up to enter it, add Dropbox to it. Click Upload button, then you are able to drag&drop files from Windows explorer to Dropbox. In Dropbox under MultCloud’ Cloud Explorer, context menu has Upload option too.

You may notice the above pop-up window has Upload URL text at the bottom. Except file or folder, but also URL can be uploaded. The URL usually is download link, it will convert to end file by MultCloud then store in the target - Dropbox.

In MultCloud’s Task Manager, you could create URL tasks as well. Operations are the same. And check the tasks there.

You see, if you have added Dropbox in MultCloud, you can upload file to Dropbox without an account - don’t input username and password time and time. MultCloud also answer how do I upload a file to someone else’s Dropbox. This is owe to its strong Share feature.

In Dropbox in MultCloud, select or create a new folder as shared folder, right click it and select Share. Then create a share link, either public or private is OK, private selection will generate password with link.

Now go to Share interface. Turn on the switch “Allow to Upload”. Thus, in the shared page opened by the shared link, people can add new data in it. Access someone else's Dropbox realized. Changes in the folder will sync automatically to content in Dropbox. Details please visit here.

With MultCloud, it is easy to know how to upload a file to Dropbox and share it. Moreover, MultCloud’s core features - transfer and sync can attract more people.

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