What is Google one drive? Is Google drive and Google one drive the same? Reading the following contents will answer your questions.

Google One Drive Comes with Cheaper Price and Bigger Storage

Google One Logo
Google One Logo

Google has rebranded its paid Google Drive service as “Google One” and adjusted its pricing plans. It adds 200 GB plan charging $2.99 per month and increases $9.99 monthly plan quota from 1 TB to 2 TB. The rest remains the same.

Google Drive today Google One future
15 GB: free 15 GB: free
100 GB: $1.99/m 100 GB: $1.99/m
1 TB: $9.99/m 200 GB: $2.99/m
2 TB: $19.99/m 2 TB: $9.99/m
10 TB: $99.99/m 10 TB: $99.99/m
20 TB: $199.99/m 20 TB: $199.99/m
30 TB: $299.99/m 30 TB: $299.99/m


For Google paid drive storage plan users, you will be upgraded to Google 1 Drive automatically over the coming months, starting from U.S. and then expanding all over the world. You will be informed by Google with an email confirming your upgrade where you can also manage your storage plan as well as benefits.

Note: This will not affect G suite business customers.

Google does not rebrand all its drive related services to “One”. There will still be Google Drive, its storage and its backup service (Backup and Sync), etc. in the future. Also, the way you use Drive to store and share files will not change.

New Google Pricing Plans Stacks up Most Cloud Competitors

How Google One stacks up against the competitors (Amazon Drive, Box, Dropbox, iCloud, Mega, OneDrive, etc.)? Let’s focus on the storage tiers you are most likely to buy, and the tiers of services which are in common or close to it.

Tips: The following list is according to alphabetical order. And, the monthly prices are approximate numbers.

  Free < $5/m < $10/m < $20/m
Amazon Drive 5 GB 100 GB: $1/m
1 TB: $5/m
2 TB: $10/m 3 TB: $15/m
4 TB: $20/m
Box 10 GB (250MB limit on all individual files) N/A 100 GB: $10/m 100 GB: $10/m
Dropbox 2 GB N/A N/A 2 TB: $15/m
Google One Drive 15 GB 100 GB: $2/m
200 GB: $3/m
2 TB: $10/m 2 TB: $10/m
iCloud 5 GB 50 GB: $1/m
200 GB: $3/m
2 TB: $10/m 2 TB: $10/m
Mega 50 GB (1GB transfer limit for every six hours) N/A 200 GB: $6/m 1 TB: $12/m
OneDrive 5 GB 50 GB: $2/m 1 TB: $7/m 5 TB: $10/m (all 5 users with each get 1 TB)


For free storage group, Mega offers the largest 50 GB free storage but with 1 GB transfer limit for every six hours. Google One has the second large 15 GB free quota without any limitation. Therefore, maybe Google 1 wins.

For no more than 5 dollars per month plan, Amazon Drive wins with only $5 to get 1 TB cloud storage. Secondly come with Google One Drive and Apple iCloud for both provide 200 GB charging $3/m.

In no more than $10/m group, Google 1 drive, Amazon drive as well as Apple iCloud three ties first by providing 2 TB charging 10 dollars every month.

Finally, as for less than $20 monthly charging group, Microsoft OneDrive beats all other 6 cloud brands by offering 5 TB cloud space while only taking $10 per month. Next, Amazon wins the second place with 20 dollars for 4 TB quota.

In general, both Google and Amazon win 2 times above. As for storage no more than 2 TB, Google One Drive slightly better than Amazon Drive, especially for free quota.

Access to Google Experts plus Extra Benefits

Once upgraded to Google One, you can get one-tap access to Google experts and ask for help with Google consumer products and services, like Backup and Sync, Google Photos, YouTube, etc. Besides, you can also gain access to extras from other Google products like deals on select hotels found in Google Search as well as credits on Google Play. Moreover, Google will be adding more benefits over time.

Share Google One Drive With Up to 5 Family Members

As reply to most common requests from Google cloud users, Google makes it available to share your cloud storage to up to 5 families. What’s more? Every member can gets their own private storage space together with additional benefits of Google 1.

All in all, you can see there is great Google One market for Google One today as well as in the future.

Want More Than 15 GB Google Cloud free Space within One Platform?

Since Google only provides 15 GB free cloud storage space for each account, in order to get more free space, most people know to create more Google accounts. Thus, they may have enough storage for their files and photos without paying.

Yet, the trouble is that they have to shift from one Google account to another to manage their savings, which is troublesome.

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem by adding all your Google accounts into one platform and manage them in one place. To achieve this, you should rely on a third party online service called MultCloud which mainly aims to manage multiple cloud drives (both the same cloud brand and different cloud brand) with only a single login. This is also a way to add space to Google one drive.

Added Cloud Accounts in MultCloud
Added Cloud Accounts in MultCloud


With Google 1 cloud, users can enjoy better experiences. Now, Google One App for mobile can be downloaded in Google Play. Just take it and start your journey!

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