The Strength of Online Cloud File Storage Over Hard Disk

Comparing with traditional hard disk, there are some below advantages in free online cloud file storage:

  • Free store data and file to storage device. You can take advantage of free space from storage service, and you don’t need to waste your money on buying NAS or removable hard disk.
  • Need not to carry, let alone losing. Someone often lose their removable hard disk after using it at a public place. But online cloud file storages will let you access file and data anywhere and anytime, even it will be feasible to make your work at home. Where there is network, there is storage device.
  • Never worry about hardware faulty. Every hard disk has lifespan, even crashing, will shorten its life. For cloud storage if you use cloud storage, you don’t need to concern of it.

Free online cloud file storage comes in different type and space. Usually, there are some cloud storage devices offering free space to let user experience.

Online Cloud File Storage Provided by Cloud Storage Providers

If you are acquaintance with cloud storage, you must be not strange to below cloud storages. They all provide you with free online cloud file storage services.

Dropbox cloud storage: An online storage application to sync local file, and support sync file automatically among multiple computers or operation system. It will offer 2GB free space, afterward, users need to pay storage fee per month. But you can get more extra space through join their campaign.
Google Drive storage drive: an online storage services produced by Google Company. Through these services, users can get 15GB free storage space. As the same with all other cloud storage, users will attain more usage space via paid methods.
OneDrive personal: SkyDrive produced in Microsoft network storage device has been changed into OneDrive. It is designed for individuals to sync important files in computer. Once registering, you can get 5GB free space to store your movie, music, video, etc.
Box network: A cloud storage configuration specialized for commercialization and IT users. It provides 10 GB free space for new users after registering. In addition to free cloud storage services, Box comes in sharing file, designating task, leaving comments, or notification of file changing, etc.
Mega network: Mega network is a sync tool with up to 50GB free space. Of all cloud storage providers, Mega network storage is one of cloud storages that offer users with the largest free space. You can sync any folders from PC to cloud.

In fact, nearly all online cloud file storage for personal provides free spaces, and the only difference is volume space. Some cloud storage providers 5GB, but others 50GB. Anyway, it is no doubt to benefit to all users. In addition to free online cloud file storage mentioned above, you can find other cloud storage services, such as Web.Dav, FTP, SugarSync, etc. Usually, a users may use more than two cloud storages. Thus, a question is left: how to grab Box online storage free and Dropbox free space.

How to Make Use of Free Cloud Storage Services?

It is not adequate for users to use 5GB free space, but obviously, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Low free space of cloud storage is for attracting user to buy extra space. Wise man may have noticed a situation - it will be a larger space if these low free spaces can be integrated. So, how to make use of free online cloud file storage? MultCloud will give a perfect answer.

Manage Multiple Cloud Drives in One Place
Manage Multiple Cloud Drives in One Place

As you see, you can add your free cloud storage services to this web app, and it will integrate all free spaces. At the same time, you can transfer data, and files from one cloud to other one.

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