Why I use both Evernote and SugarSync?

Evernote and SugarSync changed the way I live and work. I use both of them because each has its own highlights. SugarSync can sync, backup and share all of my important documents: files, photos, music or videos so that I can access them from any devices such as laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc. Evernote is a suite of software and services that allow users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms. It is a place where everyone can write free from distraction, collect information, find what you need, and present ideas to the world.

The unique feature of SugarSync is Online Backup, which works quietly in the background without interfering with my productivity. File Sharing: Whether I’m sharing one file, or an entire folder with hundreds of files, some clicks are all what it takes. Automatically sync files across multiple devices.

Benefits of Evernote are powerful write function: it keeps me focused on moving ideas from inspiration to completion no matter what form the writing takes. Collect everything that matters easily. Its search and discovery features are also very strong.

Evernote allowes me to go paperless and Sugarsync allowes me to access all my data on any device. I love both of them!

How to sync Evernote with Sugarsync with MultCloud?

Because we store different contents in different clouds. Sometimes we want to share files between clouds or backup/sync to another cloud. Syncing Evernote with Sugarsync is necessary for us. Thus, we need a helper called MultCloud. As its name suggests: multiple clouds. MultCloud supports managing Evernote and SugarSync under one window. Of course, Evernote sync with Sugarsync in MultCloud is in the same interface. Please have a look at following picture: Evernote and SugarSync are on the left list.

MultClous supports many cloud services: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, Alfresco, hubiC, OneDrive, MEGA, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, HiDrive, MySQL, Flickr, MediaFire, ownCloud, ADrive, BaiDu, WebDav and FTP/SFTP.

Right click a file a folder, “Copy” or “Copy to” option will help you move it between Evernote and Sugarsync. This is a simple way to sync.

If you plan to sync Evernote with Sugarsync automatically. Please switch to another interface - Cloud Sync Service. Here, you can set more options and even schedule task, then MultCloud will execute automatically.


Evernote sync with SugarSync is successful with the help of MultCloud. Besides sync, MultCloud has many other practical functions: rename, preview, search, etc. In a word, clouds combination and centralized control save lots of troubles.

Multcloud Key Features

  • Cloud Transfer

    Transfer files in cloud drives, FTP and WebDav for easily file management and information delivery.

  • Cloud Sync

    Sync two clouds or directories in two clouds through two-way sync or one-way sync.

  • Cloud Explorer

    Combine multiple cloud storages into one and manage them like in Windows explorer.