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“I am extremely a privacy--conscious person. I don't like my privacy such as family photos, important invoice information, etc to be seen by other people that I am not familiar with. People prefer to store files, photos, etc. on Google Drive because it provides 15GB free space for free users. I am no exception because only one Gmail is needed. However, when uploading files to Google Drive, it does not have the feature to encrypt files. So is there any tool that has the feature to encrypt files when uploading to cloud?”

This question was asked by a user who was in Google Drive forum but no one replied to this post. Finding a tool that can encrypt files before uploading to cloud is easy but it’s not easy to find a tool that has the feature to encrypt files when uploading to cloud. Luckily, here in this article, we will introduce a new method to achieve your goal with a free multiple cloud manager, MultCloud to you.

How to Encrypt Files When Uploading to Google Drive?

Step 1. Create one MultCloud account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Click “Add Clouds” button, select Google Drive from the listed clouds, click “Next” button and follow the steps to add your Google Drive account to MultCloud.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive to MultCloud

Step 3. Open your Google Drive account through “Cloud Explorer”, open the destination directory under Google Drive, right click “Upload” button and you will see the window appears below.

 Upload Files to Google Drive
Upload Files to Google Drive

Step 4. Click “Add” button to select files to upload or drag files to the middle position of the pop-up window. Click “Encryption Option” and you will see a “File Upload Encryption Settings” window appears. Select one of the three options below and save it.

File Upload Encryption
File Upload Encryption to Google Drive

Step 5. Click “Upload” button and wait for the process to complete.
Step 6. After the process is complete, you can confirm whether the files are encrypted successfully or not. If it’s encrypted successfully, you can see there is a lock on the file icon and the file extension has become to multcloud.

 Encrypt Files When Uploading to Google Drive
Encrypt Files When Uploading to Google Drive


  • If you want to decrypt this file, please right click this file and you will see “Decryption” button.
  • Your files can be decrypted by MultCloud only.
  • MultCloud use the default password to encrypt files by default. If you want to change the default password, you can change it under the “Settings”--- “Encryption”.
  • MultCloud can also encrypt your filename but it only supports filename up to 255 characters long.
  • More about MultCloud

    Following the above steps, you can encrypt files when uploading to Google Drive easily. In addition to “Cloud Explorer” feature, MultCloud also has “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Sync” feature. For Cloud Transfer feature, it can help you transfer files from one cloud to other clouds. For example, you can transfer google docs from one account to another. For Cloud Sync feature, it can help you sync or back up files between clouds. If you want to sync between Box and Google Drive, you can make full use of it.

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