Cloud Drives are Indispensable Nowadays

Besides the local hard drive, external hard drive, NAS, the cloud drives are popular in computer users. They stored data to cloud drives for using it on any computer in everywhere by accessing their accounts. Cloud drives has no physical hard drive, and you can only use it on the Web. There are many cloud drives like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, etc. Most cloud drives provide free use with a limited storage space. Thus, many users would like to store data to cloud drives free instead of buying an external hard drive to store data.

Using Multiple Cloud Drives

However, the free cloud drives only provide limited storage space, and it may not enough for you to store much data. Thus, you may create account on different cloud drives to get more storage space, which means you have multiple cloud drives. However, store data on multiple cloud drives could be inconvenient so that you need migrate files from one cloud to another.

Dropbox to Google Drive Migration

If you want to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive, the Dropbox to Google Drive migration will help a lot. The traditional way “download and re-upload” will take a lot of time and it depends on the network speed and the size of your data. To migrate files from Dropbox to Google Drive, you should open the Dropbox and Google Drive, download the files you want to migrate to the local hard drive from Dropbox, then, upload them from the local hard drive to Google Drive. This way is a little bit complex, and you must stay online.

Fortunately, there is another way for you to finish the Dropbox to Google Drive migration easier. That is migrating with the help of MultCloud, which you can use to put your multiple could drives in to one App for managing files and transferring files across cloud free. Besides migrate files from Dropbox to Google Drive, you can use MultCloud to migrate data from one cloud to another cloud free including those cloud drives: Google Drives, AmazonS3, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, FTP, Amazon, Cloudme, Cubby, Mydrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, Hidrive, Baidu, MediaFire, ownCloud, Alfresco, ADrive, Flickr, HubiC, Mysql, Evernote, MEGA, SugarSync.

First, you need create a MultCloud account. Click Sign up or Create an Account.

Cloud Migrator
Cloud Migrator

Then, input the information to create an account, and get into your email address to active your account.

Create Account
Create Account

Then, you can use MultCloud to help you finish the Dropbox to Google Drive migration. And waht you need to do is to add the two cloud drives to your MultCloud account. Click "Add Cloud Drives", select Dropbox, click Next.

Select Dropbox
Select Dropbox

Click "Add Dropbox Account" and input the account information to add it.

Add Dropbox Account
Add Dropbox Account

Then, click Add Cloud Drives again to add Google Drive to MultCloud. You can also add your other cloud drives to MultCloud for managing and transferring files, like combine OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive accounts. You can migrate data from MEGA to another cloud storage services, or others.

To migrate files from Dropbox to Google Drive, click "Transfer" at the top. Select Dropbox as the directory you want to migrate, then, select the Google Drive as the target directory. Click "Run Now" to launch the progress.

Migrate Files
Migrate Files


  • MultCloud allows you to do a schedule task.
  • The progress will be executed even if you shut down your computer.
  • You can make an email notification for your task, and it will notice you once the progress finishes.

Note: MultCloud added Cloud Sync service now.

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