User Cases

“Hi, I’m trying to transfer a file from one cloud folder to other multiple cloud folders at the same time. No luck. It seems like I can only select one at a time. Can you give me some help? Thanks.”

“I work as a teacher and frequently need to copy files (students assigned work) into multiple folders (one for each student) across clouds. I want to avoid repeat copying and pasting. Please could anyone let me know how to achieve this?”

Copy Files to Multiple Folders at once

Except for these two cases mentioned above, in our life, we frequently fall into such dilemma where moving files to multiple folders is extremely time-wasting and annoying. Luckily, now we will not suffer from this anymore with the help of MultCloud.

MultCloud is a free web-app that supports more than 30 cloud drives. As a third-party tool, MultCloud performs well in helping to copy files to other various cloud-based folders easily. The following part will give an instruction on how it works.

Step 1. Create a MultCloud Account

To use MultCloud, you need to sign up a MultCloud account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Clouds

Add the cloud drives that you need to work with. Here, we take Dropbox, Amazon Drive and pCloud as references.

Add Dropbox Amazon Drive and pCloud
Add Dropbox, Amazon Drive and pCloud to MultCloud

Note: You can only add ONE cloud service for one time. If you want add several cloud services, you have to repeat “Add Clouds” operation.

Step 3. Select the file and click on “copy to” button

Copy to
Cilck on "Copy to" button

Step 4. Copy files to other folders

To accomplish the task, you need to click on “Multi-Selection” button so that different target folders will be selected. And then, click on “Transfer” button and the task will be successfully done.

Copy Files to Multiple Folders
Transfer Files to Multiple Folders

Note: Without clicking on “Multi-Selection” button, you can only copy the file to ONE target folder each time.

Final Words

This instruction may have already gave you inspiration of how to copy files to multiple folders effortlessly. All in all, with the help of MultCloud, you don’t need to repeat “copy and paste” operations. Moreover, MultCloud is also professional in other aspects which include cloud transfer, cloud sync, safe file sharing and so on.

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