Why convert URL to PDF?

Nowadays, we store many work files to cloud drive so that we can touch them everywhere we go. In the past, we download files from Internet to the local disk, then upload them to cloud service. Can we directly download files from Internet to the cloud drive? Yes, the technology is called convert URL to file finally. PDF is a common work document, we take it as example here. How to direct convert the link to PDF and save it in cloud drive? Please read on.

Convert URL to PDF in MultCloud

Now there are many cloud drives in the world. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon Cloud and so on. Most of them support previewing PDF, picture, or even video and MP3 in cloud. No matter you choose which one, MultCloud supports all of them and some other popular cloud services as well as FTP, WebDav, etc.

MultCloud is a multiple clouds manager. I think you should know a little about MultCloud first. This is a web app to combine all clouds in one place and manage them in one interface. You can preview cloud files in MultCloud too, MultCloud supports files are: pg, png, gif, pdf, xls, doc; text files such as txt, html, js. That is to say, convert URL to PDF via MultCloud is possible and then you can open PDF successfully in MultCloud.

How to convert URL to PDF through MultCloud

1.Register and login MultCloud or Experience without singing up.

2.Add the cloud you want to store PDF into MultCloud. For example: Dropbox. Notice that MultCloud doesn’t need your username and password.

3.Upload URL of PDF to MultCloud. Select Upload from contextmenu under MultCloud Cloud Explorer interface.

4.Click Upload URL from above pop-up window, add the PDF’s download link from website, create a file name, click OK to run the task.

5.Check the task in MultCloud’ task manager. By the way, you can start Add URL from here too.

6. At last, enjoy the PDF in your Dropbox in MultCloud.


MultCloud has many advantages, it is free to sign in. With the help of it, you are able to convert html link to PDF, MP4, MP3 and then store them in cloud drive. MultCloud saves steps of downloading and re-uploading. Besides this, MultCloud has powerful functions in transferring, syncing, managing. It has traffic points system to attract more and more users.

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