Connect OneDrive and Google Drive makes file sync easier

Storing files onto Cloud drives is one easy way to backup them. Creating as many Cloud account as possible can make the storage maximum. So it is not uncommon that one person owns three or four cloud accounts. OneDrive and Google Drive as powerful and convenient Cloud services are widely used worldwide. They provide the version of desktop and phone for their users so that they can access these files whenever and wherever. Many users store personal files like photos, music, videos, and movies there.

However, users have to store a part of files on one Cloud drive due to the storage limitation. So it is inconvenient when they want to access some certain files in OneDrive from Google Drive, for example, or gather a group of files in different accounts, or copy from OneDrive to Google Drive entirely. Another reason to connect OneDrive to Google Drive is to keep data safer. Say you lost files in one Cloud drive, but you still got copies in other Clouds. As a result, connect Google Drive and OneDrive makes file management easy and effective.

google drive with onedrive
Google Drive with OneDrive

How to connect OneDrive to Google Drive?

MultCloud is a free app for transferring and managing files across multiple Cloud services, and allows you to link OneDrive to Google Drive together into one same interface. It makes transferring files between Cloud accounts as easy as transferring between folders. Regular folder functions like rename, delete, move files work like they do in Windows Explore or Finder in Mac OS X. What’s more, it offers schedule transfer feature to copy files in Cloud to the other completely. Drag and drop files directly from OneDrive to Google Drive is also available. This app bases on standard OAuth system, so there is no username and password required. Sign up to connect Google Drive to OneDrive.

Steps to connect OneDrive with Google Drive

Step1. Log in MultCloud after signing up. Click Add Cloud Drives to choose Google Drive.

add cloud drives
Add Cloud Drives

Step2. This step will ask you to confirm the needed authorities. Edit the Display Name as you wish and click on Add Google Drive Account. Repeat this step to add OneDrive to MultCloud.

add google drive account
Add Google Drive Account

Step3. Now you are connected Google Drive and OneDrive in MultCloud. Feel free to manage your files. You can click on Transfer to create schedule file transferring. (PS: New version of MultCloud has Cloud Sync interface, you can sync files between OneDrive and Google Drive.)

google drive and onedrive
Google Drive and OneDrive

Easy and quick, you are able to connect OneDrive with Google Drive in three steps using MultCloud. This app makes every file manage step direct and visible. You can see from the snapshots that MultCloud supports more than OneDrive and Google Drive. As a matter of fact, you can add up to 28 Cloud services to MultCloud, including popular clouds and less-known ones. For instance, connect to Google Drive via FTP free of charge. MultCloud is also a great free alternative to Otixo, alternative to Air Explorer, alternative to CloudHQ, and so on. The capacity of your Clouds are also clear at a glance.

*Update: Now, MultCloud added a Cloud Sync service, you can sync OneDrive to Google Drive directly.

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