What Is Cloud to Cloud Backup – C2C Backup?

Cloud to cloud backup, abbreviate into C2C backup, refers to back up files/folders, photos/pictures, videos/movies, docs/sheets etc. data stored in cloud and data generated by cloud-based apps from one cloud drive storage to another cloud drive storage.

Why We Need to Back Up Data From One Cloud to Another?

To answer this question, I would like to first answer the question that why we need to create backups. Backup is a copy of original staff, no matter its physical object or virtual item. We prepare backups to in case of accidents which cause original things disappear or damage. Once accidents happen, we can take backups as a replacement of source ones. For physical objects’ backups, such as substitute athlete; for virtual field backups like a copy of import work document.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in EU law also displays the importance of virtual data backup in this information generation.

Now, let’s focus on online data stored in cloud drives. It is also necessary to create a backup of them in case of data loss due to ransomware, viruses, malware, hijack etc. cyberattacks, user errors, malicious activities, server failures, infrastructure failures, cloud provider outage and so on.

Then, why should backup cloud data from original cloud drive to another one instead of local devices? Of course you can save your backups off-site on local hard drive disks, but on the one hand, taking another cloud service as backup destination saves much money than buy hard disks to store data; on the other hand, it is more convenient to create automatic regular backups from cloud to cloud than from cloud to local. What is more, there is also saying that the lifespan of C2C backup outlasts that of disk or tape such local backups.

How to Do Backup Among Clouds With Online Freeware – MultCloud?

Then, how to carry out cloud to cloud backup? In general, there are two ways.

Manually make a copy and save on another cloud

Without knowing much knowledge about cloud to cloud backup, many common cloud users can only come up with a way to do C2C backup; that is to first of all download target files from cloud to local (this will not delete cloud source files, thus, the download copy is already a backup), and then upload these files from local to another cloud drive storage. Some of them directly give up re-uploading target files to another cloud and keep it in local device and make it an off-site backup.

For manually cloud to cloud backup, users have to take local as transit for currently there is no connection directly from one cloud to another, even for the different cloud accounts of the same cloud brand, such as from one Google account to another Google account.

Cloud to Cloud Backup Vendors – MultCloud

MultCloud is an online cloud backup free service which enables cloud users to directly backup crucial data from one cloud storage to another without taking local as transit or shifting from one cloud account to another.

To make user of MultCloud to do online cloud backup storage, you should firstly crate an account of it. On its official webpage given above, find the entrance of “create an account” or “sign up” and create a MultCloud account to become one of its large amount of users.

After successful account creation, sign in to its backstage. One more step before starting cloud-to-cloud backup process is to add all related cloud accounts into MultCloud platform. Go to Cloud Explorer tab, click on Add Cloud Drives in the left menu and select the cloud kind you are going to add in the right cloud drive list.

Add Google Drive

Then, just follow the easy guidance to finish cloud account adding.

Tips: MultCloud only allows you to add one cloud account for one time. To add more accounts, just repeat the above task.

Finally, when all related cloud accounts are added into MultCloud platform, you can carry out cloud to cloud backup as soon as you like.

1. Move to Cloud Transfer tab, specify source cloud directory as well as destination cloud directory.

Backup Google Drive to Dropbox

2. You can set some advanced Options to optimize this C2C backup task. For example, you can decide how target files will be saved to destination if there is the same one in destination; order email notification of task result as well as filter files with certain extension to be or not to be backed up.

Cloud Transfer Options

Notes: Make sure the “Delete all source files after transfer is complete” is unchecked as it is default. Otherwise, you will lose source files when this cloud-to-cloud backup is done.

3. Moreover, you can set up a schedule to automatically carry out this cloud to cloud backup task daily, weekly or monthly in a set time.

Cloud Transfer Schedule

4. Furthermore, task name is also editable.

5. When all settings are done, just click Transfer Now button to let MultCloud execute C2C backup.

Besides cloud to cloud backup/transfer, MultCloud also provides cloud to cloud sync as well as multiple cloud drives basic management functions as your choices. All these services are free of charge and you can making use of them at ease.

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