What Is Cloud Storage Free Unlimited Upload?

Cloud storage free unlimited upload refers to a free cloud storage provides you with unlimited space to save uploaded files. As far as we know that there is no other cloud brand services which offers its users free unlimited cloud storage space except for Google Photos. Almost all cloud brands only offer no more than 15 GB size and mostly less than 10 GB. For instance, Google Drive provides 15 GB for each free account, Dropbox offers free 2 GB to its every user and each OneDrive user can have 5 GB without any charge.

It Is Of Great Necessary to Upload File Cloud Free with Unlimited Storage

Why need unlimited cloud storage unlimited upload size free? With the popular usage of computer all over the world, electronic information owned by us have been increasing all the time and the traditional local hard disk storage can’t satisfy us anymore. On the one hand, local disks have limited storage and the largest hard disk size now are only several TB. It is large enough for common users, but not sure for large businesses. On the other hand, local storage is more expensive than cloud storage. The prices of disks (especially SSDs) whose size reach TB are too expensive that most people do not want to afford them or even can’t afford them.

Compared with local hard drives, cloud storage is larger and cheaper. Therefore, a lot of people have turned to store most of their data on cloud instead of local. As time goes by, the free quota of each cloud account is used up and we need more cloud space even unlimited cloud storage better free.

How to Upload with Free Unlimited Cloud Storage Space?

For most cloud services, large cloud storage space (usually TBs) is charged; though large but limited. Then, how to get the largest free cloud storage? Or, how to achieve cloud storage free unlimited upload?

Upload Photos/Videos to Google Photos with Free Unlimited Storage

As the only free unlimited cloud storage provider, Google Photos enables you to upload photos, pictures and videos to its cloud without any quota limitation only if you upload them in high quality. What is upload in high quality mean? According to Google Support:

  • Photos are compressed to save space. If a photo is larger than 16MP, it will be resized to 16MP.
  • You can print good quality 16MP photos in sizes up to 24 inches x 16 inches.
  • Videos higher than 1080p will be resized to high-definition 1080p. A video with 1080p or less will look close to the original.

If you have not used this high quality feature or even not uploaded photos and videos to Google Photos cloud, you can start to use them now by follow the following settings:

1. Click on the taskbar icon of Google Backup and Sync.

2. In the pop-up little window, click More (three dots icon).

Backup and Sync Taskbar

3. Choose Preferences in the drop-down menu.

Backup and Sync Preference

4. For Photo and video upload size, choose high quality. Besides, check Upload newly added photos and videos to Google Photos.

Backup and Sync High Quality

5. Finally, click OK. Then, the future uploaded photos/videos will go to Google Photos in high quality and you can freely upload unlimited ones.

If you have not yet used Google Backup and Sync desktop app, please refer to this article to learn how to make use of it to sync files between local and cloud. Or, you can directly set high quality in Google Photos:

1. On your computer, go to photos.google.com/settings.

2. Select high quality for future uploads.

Google Photos High Quality

As you can see, if you select original quality, the uploaded items will take up the free quota (15 GB) provided by Google cloud for each account. That is to say, both Google Photos and Google Drive share the total free 15 GB storage space.

Cloud Storage Free Unlimited Upload with MultCloud

MultCloud is a web-based multiple cloud drives management freeware. It can link all your cloud accounts’ free quotas together and manage them in one platform. Thus, you do not need to pay extra storage unwillingly for shifting from one free account to another is troublesome.

1. To make use of MultCloud, you should create an account of it.

2. Add clouds. Sign in to its interface, in Cloud Explorer tab, click on Add Cloud Drives on the left menu and choose the cloud you are going to add to MultCloud platform. Then, just follow the guidance to finish cloud account adding.

Add Google Drive

MultCloud can only add one account in one time, just repeat the processes to add more clouds. When all cloud drives added, you can see them listed on the left menu of Cloud Explorer tab.

MultCloud supported cloud drives >>

Added Cloud Accounts in MultCloud

3. Click on the cloud you want to upload files to, click Upload button on the top, explore and select target files on local storage.

Just sign in (MultCloud account) once, you can get access to all added cloud accounts within MultCloud. Here, you can easily shift from one cloud account to another.

Besides upload files from local, you can download files to local devices, create new folder, delete unwanted items, share files to others, etc. all these operations within MultCloud platform. More wonderful features are that you can transfer/move/migrate or sync/backup files directly from one cloud to another, whether they are of the same cloud brand or not.

The disadvantage of using MultCloud is that it can only access certain folder(s), not all folders, of a cloud brand. This is due to the authority rules of different cloud drives.

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