Store files in cloud becomes popular nowadays

Today, people prefer to store files in cloud services. Local hard disk can’t satisfy them any more. Saving files in cloud has many advantages. For example, it is hard to be attacked by virus, you can access to the data on any device once installed the cloud app on it. Some cloud storage have big free volume for users. Many famous technology companies developed cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive(former known as SkyDrive), MEGA, Amazon Cloud Drive and so on.

Why share files via cloud?

Because we store files in cloud, we want to share files to other people directly. Many cloud drives have share functions. In this article, I want to say, now that many people have several cloud accounts, either same brand or different brand. They often use MultCloud to manage them, MultCloud can be a file share sites.

How to do file sharing online through MultCloud?

MultCloud is a web app. Its core functions are transferring, syncing. Sharing is also powerful in MultCloud. Next, let’s see how it works.

Log in MultCloud, add cloud drives, right click files under Cloud Explorer, select Share option.

In the pop-up window, you see, MultCloud provides three kinds of share methods: Links, Emails and SNS. If you plan to share files to your friends via emails, you should enter email address and content. MultCloud supported social networking services are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

The key sharing is link sharing. You can create three kinds of share links: public, private and source. Then manage and check the shares in Share Manager. Following is a screenshot shows you how Share Manager works.

If you open “Allow to upload”, jump to the shared page, you are able to upload files to this shared folder. This function is very useful. If you are a teacher, you can ask your students to upload their homework in this way. If you are a team leader, you can ask your staff send their results here.


I think now you understand how MultCloud is easy to do free online file sharing. Except share function, MultCloud’s other features are practical as well. In MultCloud, the more you share, the more points you will get, thus the more traffic you will have.

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