What’s the difference between Amazon Cloud Drive and S3?

Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) are two different products or say: two difference services. Although they are all released by Amazon, Amazon S3 came earlier than Amazon Cloud Drive. Their ideas and features have something different.

Amazon S3 is a web based storage service designed for users to save and retrieve their data. Amazon Cloud Drive has desktop client and mobile app as well as web app. It is the consumer front-end of Amazon S3. With an Amazon account, you can upload digital content for storage. While using Amazon S3, you need more information.

Amazon Cloud Drive vs S3, which one is better?

When talking about difference, people always want to know which one is better. Now let me compare them one by one.


There is no minimum fee of Amazon S3. As a part of AWS Free Usage Tier, you can start Amazon S3 for free with 5GB, 20000 Get Requests, 2000 Put Requests and 15GB of data transfer out each month for one year. Then it has Storage Pricing, Request Pricing and Data Transfer Pricing. Specific prices please refer to the official website for the sake of saving space. You pay only for what you use, and prices are based on the location of your Amazon S3 bucket.

For Amazon Cloud Drive, you can start with three months free trail. Then you have two selections: pay $11.99 per year to get unlimited photo storage, and 5 GB for videos and files. Or pay $59.99 per year for storing all photos, videos, files and documents.

Login method

Using Amazon Cloud Drive, you just need to enter Amazon account and password. While using Amazon S3, you need more information: Bucket Name, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. How to get the latter two please click here.

Besides price and login method, there are still many differences between them. But it is hard to say which one is better, as “what exists is reasonable”. The best one is which suits you.

How to manage Amazon Cloud Drive and S3 together?

People like to experience new things, especially young people. Many of them have both Amazon Cloud Drive and S3. Managing them is a headache. Luckily, a free multiple cloud storage manager named MultCloud can combine them in one place thus you can access all your clouds with one login.

How to add Amazon S3 please refer to following article in MultCloud: Transfer files between Amazon S3 accounts.

Adding Amazon Cloud Drive is much easier. Type a display name in MultCloud, then click “Add Amazon Drive Account”. It will jump to Amazon official web page to get authority.

Because Amazon cloud drive supports OAuth authorization, which is MultCloud’s authorization system. So MultCloud can build up a connection to Amazon Cloud Drive without username and password. And MultCloud does not save your password.

After adding both Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon S3 in MultCloud. You can visit their content via MultCloud and do some common operations such as copying&pasting, deleting, cutting, etc.


Now that MultCloud can manage Amazon Cloud Drive and S3 under one interface, there is no need to struggle which one is better. You can use them simultaneously. And sync, backup, move files between cloud services directly. Now MultCloud supports more than 20 services, its transferring function is powerful: Scheduled file copy and even transfer after power off! As for cloud manager, it would be a great choice.

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