Copy in MultCloud,
Your Last Hope to Transfer Data


Copy network cloud is a network storage application, but it will be history, because it will terminate storage service for user on May 1, 2016. As a cloud storgae application, Copy can help you to sync your files, and suppprts multiple platform, such as Web, Win, Mac, Linux, and ISO etc. How to move out a large of data and files storing in Copy? It is a question in front of users.

Feature of Copy

Support multiple platform

Support multiple platform Copy support multiple platform such as Web, Win, Mac, Linux, ISO, Android, etc.

Huge free storage space

Huge Free storage space Copy offers 15GB free storage space to every new registry.

Share file to others

Share file to others Copy allows you to share file link in private or public.

New functions of Copy in MultCloud

MultCloud is a free Cloud online application that manages multiple Clouds and transfers data across data. Once you add Copy to MultCloud, it will help you to move all your data and files out of Copy to new Clouds. Please sign up to enjoy it .
MultCloud can centralize and manage multiple Clouds, such as Copy DropBox, OneDrive, MyDrive, Cubby, SugarSync, etc. With one account, you can access all your Clouds. All Clouds that MultCloud supports are:

Move files across Clouds

Before deadline, you can add Copy and other Clouds to MultCloud, and it help you transfer data. You don’t need to download and upload one by one. In MultCloud, Cut and Paste will have done data transfer.

Transfer data after shuting down

Data transfer is a time-wasting thing, and you can shut down computer to transfer data if you use MultCloud.

Scheduled transfer

If your schedule is full, and you want to transfer some file. Scheduled transfer will do your a favor. It can let you set a fixed time, and MultCloud will automatically transfer data.
Join in MultCloud to enjoy more functions
New registry user will get up to 10TB free traffic