Can I Move Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive?

Migrate Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive
Migrate Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive

Yes, even though Dropbox and OneDrive don't provide any official connection for cloud-to-cloud transfer, you could still follow this full guide about Dropbox to OneDrive photo migration. You will get 3 different solutions to transfer Dropbox to OneDrive without any difficulty.

Why Transfer Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive?

Dropbox is a well-known cloud storage service that offers 2 GB of free storage for you to store files like documents, photos, and videos on the cloud.

Microsoft OneDrive is a file sync, file-sharing, and cloud storage service that lets you back up your photos, videos, and other files to the cloud for quickly accessing them from any device. OneDrive provides 5 GB of free storage for storing photos, videos, and other documents.

If you are using Dropbox and OneDrive together, you can follow this complete guide to copy photos from Dropbox to OneDrive. Then you can free up Dropbox storage, sync photos with your local device through OneDrive desktop and mobile apps, or easily share Dropbox photos with OneDrive users. 

How to Transfer Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive: 1 Efficient Way

The most convenient way to transfer Dropbox photos to OneDrive requires no operation like downloading and uploading. Instead, you just need a free and professional cloud file manager called MultCloud. MultCloud is a third-party multiple cloud storage manager that supports more than 30 leading clouds and can help you transfer anything between clouds with a single click.

Among the most unique features of MultCloud, including Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Team Transfer, the Cloud Transfer function can best help you move Dropbox photos to OneDrive without any risk of data loss.

How to Move Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive via Cloud Transfer

Step 1. Create a MultCloud account and log in.

Step 2. Click Add Cloud > Dropbox (Dropbox Business) and log in to your Dropbox account in the pop-up window. Then add your OneDrive (OneDrive for Business) account to MultCloud as well.

Add Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud
Add Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud

Step 3. Click “Cloud Transfer” on the left. In the left square, choose photos, videos, or albums in Dropbox as the source. In the right square, choose a folder in OneDrive as the destination.

Step 4. Click “Transfer Now” and MultCloud will migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive as soon as possible.

Transfer from Dropbox to OneDrive via Cloud Transfer
Transfer from Dropbox to OneDrive via Cloud Transfer


  • In the “Options”, you can choose “Delete all source files after transfer is complete.” to free up your Dropbox storage.
  • You can subscribe to MultCloud to get lightning-fast transfer speed and more data traffic. What’s more, you can then set up a daily, weekly, or monthly automatic Dropbox to OneDrive migration plan in the “Schedule”.
Cloud Transfer Options
Cloud Transfer Options
Cloud Transfer Schedules
Cloud Transfer Schedules

Bonus Tip: How to Merge Dropbox and OneDrive Photos by Cloud Sync

If you migrate Dropbox photos to OneDrive only for collecting all your photos, here’s another way to easily manage and access your Dropbox and OneDrive photos. That is to use the Cloud Sync function of MultCloud to sync Dropbox to OneDrive in real-time and two-way sync mode. In this way, you can conveniently access photos both from Dropbox and OneDrive without switching accounts.

Cloud Sync offers 10 excellent sync modes for you to sync photos between Dropbox and OneDrive. For free users, you can use 4 help modes like Simple Sync and Real Time Sync in one-way or two-way. If you are a MultCloud subscriber, you can then enjoy all the 10 modes, including 6 advanced one-way sync modes: Mirror Sync, Move Sync, Incremental Sync, Cumulative Sync, Update Sync, and Full Backup Sync.

10 Cloud Sync Modes
10 Cloud Sync Modes

Step 1. After adding Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud, click “Cloud Sync” on the left.

Step 2. Click the left square to choose the photo folder in Dropbox as the source, and click the right square to choose a folder in OneDrive as the destination.

Step 3. Click “Options” to set up your Dropbox to OneDrive photo synchronization. Then click “Sync Now” and MultCloud will seamlessly sync photos from Dropbox to OneDrive immediately.

Sync Dropbox and OneDrive Photos via Cloud Sync
Sync Dropbox and OneDrive Photos via Cloud Sync

How to Transfer Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive: 2 Manual Ways

If you only have a few photos that need to be transferred from Dropbox to OneDrive, you can also use the traditional methods to download photos from Dropbox and re-upload photos to OneDrive or drag and drop files between Dropbox and OneDrive desktop folders. But it would be a waste of time if you use these methods to migrate a large number of photos.

Way 1. Migrate Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive by Download and Upload

Step 1. Log in to your Dropbox on the browser.

Step 2. Tick the photos and videos that you want to move to OneDrive and click “Download” in the feature bar above.

Download from Dropbox
Download from Dropbox

Step 3. Unzip the downloaded file into a folder.

Step 4. Log in to your OneDrive.

Step 5. Click “Upload” above and navigate to your downloaded photos in the pop-up window, then click “Open” to upload photos to OneDrive.

Upload to OneDrive
Upload to OneDrive

Way 2. Transfer Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive by Drag and Drop

Step 1. Install the Dropbox and OneDrive desktop apps on your computer. Then log in to each app and the apps will create folders in your File Explorer or Finder.

Step 2. Open the Dropbox and OneDrive folders on your computer.

Step 3. Drag photos from the Dropbox folder and drop them to your OneDrive folder.

Drag and Drop Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive
Drag and Drop Photos from Dropbox to OneDrive

In the End

Now you can choose the best way you like to transfer photos from Dropbox to OneDrive. To save you time and energy, MultCloud may be your best choice since you can simply transfer without downloading and uploading. What’s more, MultCloud can also help you backup Dropbox to OneDrive easily via its Cloud Backup function, And you can manage or restore each version of your backed-up photos directly in MultCloud.

  • Efficient: One-key backup, sync, and transfer data across clouds.
  • Automatic: Scheduled and offline data transfer with file filter.
  • Fast: 10 high-speed threads for clout-to-cloud data transfer.
  • Safe: 256-bit AES encryption and OAuth authorization system.
  • Extensive: 30+ personal and business clouds are supported.
Do I need to have a paid subscription for both Dropbox and OneDrive to transfer photos between them?
You can transfer photos between the two services with free accounts, but some limitations may apply, such as storage space. Paid subscriptions may offer more storage and additional features for a smoother experience.
Will the transferred photos in OneDrive have the same folder structure as in Dropbox?
The folder structure might not be preserved during the transfer. You may need to recreate the folder structure in OneDrive manually and organize the photos accordingly.
Are there any data transfer limits when moving photos from Dropbox to OneDrive?
Both Dropbox and OneDrive have data transfer limits, which can vary based on your account type and subscription level. You should check the respective services' terms and conditions for information on data transfer limits.
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